I'm so beyond the moon and amongst the stars about the products. Using them last night was so deeply healing for me. The scents are so transformative + really allowed me to drop into the still space within my being that I was unable to locate for a while. In such deep gratitude for you. Hope you're having a lovely day as well, 


I met you at the Brandon Flowers Shoot a little while ago. I had your product shipped to my mom in New York and by God it's really is working!! It's really helping her self-esteem too!! Just want to say thank you so much!! Hope all is well!! 


Love the treatment, amazing. Did you have something for the scalp or can I use the treatment for that too? I have alopecia and I am in a medical treatment. My hair was dry and weak. After one month using your treatment , my hair looks and feel stronger and longer. Thank you very much. I will keep using it. Excellent treatment. Thank you again. Congrats!!!


Lieu Cooper

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I had read about your product in Elle in flight on my way to Costa Rica to work with a shaman. I thought the coincidence was rather odd. I had attended the store opening of Credo Beauty San Francisco last Friday and I was thrilled to see your products. I carried the hair mask in my hand as I shopped around the store and I had intended to buy it. I decided to wait on the purchase until I received assurance about the sustainability of your vine source. I truly appreciate your respectful approach in weaving the sacred medicine into your product. I will return to Credo this week to pick up the mask with great enthusiasm. Namaste.



I've been using your products for several months now and I am blown away. My hair and scalp finally feel well. After years of bleaching my hair, my scalp was starting to feel really unhealthy and I felt a constant irritation. Now my scalp feels soothed and my hair looks and feels nourished and strong! I've been buying them at coming soon and am so happy they are available here in NYC.
My question is- do you have any NYC recs for stylist and colorist? I'm not unhappy with my stylist but was hoping to work with someone who is more conscious of product use, etc. I know there are a number of more natural minded salons here but nothing is better than a recommendation! I appreciate it :)
Anyway, thanks again for sharing your beautiful products and I can not wait for more products! (Shampoo! Shampoo!)


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