Ceremony Perfume

Ceremony Perfume


An ode to my years spent learning from the wisest of plant medicines... In honor of my past, I created a scent to memorialize the experience of a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony. My memory of the scents from ceremony were healing and grounding with earthy warmth and depth. I was obsessed with capturing the experience and bottling it into a perfume. With my highest gratitude, this manifestation has finally landed, completing a full circle for me.

This powerful bottle holds scents of:

Palo Santo - Traditionally used in ceremony to clear out negative energies.

Vetiver - To recreate the smoky scent of Mapacho, a traditional Amazonian

Tobacco - used for protection in ceremony.

Bergamot - A light scent to replace the traditional Florida Water, used to cleanse and cure in ceremonies.

Thank you to Sanae Intoxicants for helping me to create the idea so perfectly. 

In honor and love, always, S

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