NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS- Grounding Hair Rinse for the Holiday Season

Welcome to the New Moon in Sagittarius!

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius comes with all of the joy and expansiveness this large planet has to offer!!This new moon is a time to congratulate yourself for all of the hard work you just went through in Scorpio. We did all the work in Scorpio to let go of pain and trauma from the past and rise from the ashes, moving forward into the Sagittarius expansiveness to envision something more potent, powerful and enlightening. Now is the time to turn your focus from those deep emotional waters, to the lightness and JOY of Sagittarius. This energy is tapping into our inner truth and knowledge. It is awakening our intuition while expanding our consciousness. This moon invites us to reflect with all that we have experienced in 2018. Moving towards the solstice, this is a wonderful time to reflect on the year and what it is we might be wanting to call in for 2019.

This month we will be moving from internal to external in a more uplifting way. This window in time allows us to transform our day to day mundane lives into the expansive, limitless beings we truly are!

Planting seeds of intention with Sagittarius's powerful lunation will help us attain our limitless capacities. Aim big! Sag is a fire sign represented by an archer. He reminds us to focus deeply on where we want to direct our arrow of intention. This moon marks the point of the tip of the arrow. Where do you want to aim for the year ahead?

With the holiday season ahead of us, we have the ability to be distracted by all of the holiday parties, gatherings, and uplifting energy of Sagittarius. Most of us will be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones up until the New Moon in Capricorn. So, I thought I'd share one of my favorite hair rituals as a way to bring a wave of grounding over each of us during this very open time!


Working with herbs is the easiest direct connection we have to nature. Especially for those of us living in cities.

Whether we use them in a form of medicine, tea or hair rinse, herbs are the quickest way to connect and ground our energy during this busy season.

I always recommend that you choose herbs that you feel called to work with.

I use Lavender and Rosemary in all of my hair rinses as well as almost all La Tierra Sagrada products due to their ability to sooth and balance the scalp and add shine to the hair.

There are many other powerful herbs that can strengthen the hair, increase hair growth and condition the hair.

I will be using the New Moon Hair Rinse created by Whitney of Canyon and the Moon.

Her blend is:

Blessed Thistle: Which promotes Scalp Health

Horsetail: Mineral rich herb that strengthens weak, brittle, damaged hair, giving it vitality and shine. It improves elasticity of the hair and is a useful remedy for dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. This herb promotes circulation which nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, aiding in hair growth.

Lavandin Flower: Adds shine, stimulates hair follicles, nourishes and soothes scalp irritations and moisturizes hair.

Oatstraw: Is an herbal source of silica and magnesium which promotes scalp health and stimulates hair growth.

Calendula: Is rich in minerals and antioxidants. Calendula promoted strength and healthy hair from increasing collagen production and circulation in the scalp.

Nettles: Stimulates the hair follicle and improves blood circulation in the scalp. When used topically on the hair, it coats a layer onto the hair, adding protection and preventing breakage.

Burdock: Burdock root stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp. It can help maintain a healthy scalp by treating dandruff, dry scalp, irritation and other scalp disorders.

And her steps are..

Set your intentions- For this particular moon, focus deeply on what it is you want to call in. What ways can you allow yourself to expand? Where do you want to aim your arrow of intent? Now is the time to call in your manifestations for this lunation.

Brew the Tea for your hair- Boil and allow to to come to room temp. I add a palm full of herbs to a pot, and fill with filtered water. I bring to boil and allow the herbs to sit for a 20 minutes. (Overnight if you want more potency).

Whitney recommends using a reusable tea pouch and then pouring the water into a heat safe container. Steep for 10 minutes or leave longer for a stronger brew. Either way you choose to do this ritual, allow the water to cool to a safe warm temperature. (This tea can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week).

Let your hair soak in the love- For ultimate grounding, taking a bath is my preference, so you can soak in the herbs after pouring the rinse. No need to wash out of the hair after, as the herbs are the rinse to seal in the hair.

Take a moment of gratitude- Allow yourself to feel the grounding of this sweet ritual and take a deep breath.

Once you are complete with your bath. Collect the herbs and make an offering to the Earth.

With this offering, envision planting seeds of optimism for the month ahead!

Additional Herbs for rinses




**If you decide to make your own blend, and decide to do bulk, add ingredients to a quart size jar with lid.

Shake it up well, and using about a handful of herbs each time for regular rinses.

This is also a wonderful DIY gift to share with your loved ones this holiday season!



Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This new energy is ruled by Pluto- the ultimate ruler of transformation.

Though this particular moon phase can be a more challenging moon phase, I find the challenge rewarding because it is a time where we can dive into the shadow and really start doing the work that we need in order to grow and transform-Hair wise as well as internally! Remember, challenges are only present for us to learn from and gain wisdom in doing so.

We have a powerful opportunity to do some deep healing work during this intense lunation.

This months ritual is focused directly on the INTENSITY of the moon energy and we are also going to focus on those challenging aspects that we sometimes try to hide. This Scorpio energy is asking us to embrace our Shadow side-We all have both dark and light within us, but ego tries to protect itself by hiding the shadow.

This is very similar to the work that we did back in the New Moon in Cancer, but we are going to dive a little bit deeper into this work with Scorpio! Scorpio is a water sign and encourages us to face the emotional realms within. Remembering that this particular energy is here to guide us in letting go in order to heal the past, rebirth and begin a new!

Envision the Phoenix rising from the ashes- this is the energy we have to work with in this new moon phase.


This can be as deep as you want to go-Trauma can stem from many different places. It can be trauma due to health issues, break ups or heartache, or trauma directly related to our hair. As a hairstylist, whenever I am facilitating workshops or doing one on one clients, trauma often reveals itself around the hair and the crown. It can surface from childhood memories in the form of other kids making fun, or parents getting attached to hair, which creates a fear of cutting - programmed as children that our hair is supposed to be a certain way. Trauma can surface around caring for hair as well. Maybe brushing hurt them as children, maybe they experienced something where it didn't feel good. I've been exposed to many different variations of trauma around the hair. It doesn't even have to do with your hair.

I want to focus on trauma that we are carrying at the root- there's a seed of trauma inside of us. This month I am sharing a simple ritual for you to use to reveal and face the trauma in order to heal it and release it and LET GO and move forward into a fresh, new, clean start.


Brushing is a really great way to clean out the old to make way for the new!

When we start to brush our hair on a regular basis, we are stimulating the follicle. This is what is going to increase the circulation in our scalps, which helps the new hair to grow at a quicker pace. Brushing helps pull out the loose hairs that tend to get tangled with the healthy strands, which also prevents additional hair shedding.

Brushing is a very nurturing and healing way to ground at any point during the month or even day.

Choose a brush that works best for your hair type. My all time favorite is the Natural Bristle Brush created by Roxie Jane Hunt. This type of brush is great for removing build up, while leaving strands soft and silky.

I recommend the Free Your Hair Classic Brush 


This can be an altar, meditation space or you can create a space for this particular ritual.


Using a traditional smudging ritual, choose a plant or herb that resonates with you most, like white sage, palo santo, or sweetgrass.

AURA CLEANSING: Use the smoke from the herb to scan the body, purifying and cleansing, bringing peace, clarity and healing.

SPACE CLEARING: Use the smoke from the herb to scan and clear a space from unwanted, negative energy.


For the Meditation, sit or lay, relax, root and center.

Drop in and start to feel where you might be storing some old trauma in the body-Going back to the the trauma.

Whatever arises for you, face it. Watch the whole scene play out, detail by detail.

In this scene, notice yourself- What feelings are surfacing for you?? Connect to that.

As you watch the whole scene play through, in its entirety, pause it.

Go back to you in the physical, what are you feeling?

With this, think about that situation and think about how you would like to go back and shift it.

Replay the story with your ideal outcome. Replay the story with you being the full embodiment of who you are now-stepping into that space, stepping into your power, speaking your voice, and shifting the entire story.

What would you say? How would you feel? What lesson would you capture and walk away with? And what lessons would you teach? Transform the whole scenario into the most positive, light filled experience, and with that story, hold onto to that!

This is your opportunity to go deep within and allow yourself to be healed.

Wherever the trauma was stored in the body, fill that space with Light energy and start to visualize the light energy expand, filling the entire body, and surround your entire being.

Fill the light rooted at your core and feel the light emanating at your crown. Shoot the energy straight up through the crown, into the sky and out into the cosmos, connecting with universal energy.

Shoot the energy down into your root, through to the earth, to the core center of the planet and allow yourself to feel that deep rooting and expansive cosmic energy.

Allow that energy to surround you...

Come back into your body, come back into your center, if you're lying down, take your time, but when you are ready, sit up, and with this new energy and Lightness you are feeling, with the new story you have created around this old trauma- start to nurture yourself.


Visualize- what it is you are brushing away, wanting to release, wanting to shed and let go of once and for all. Whatever story used to play and visualize the new hair coming in, the new birth, the new growth, the new life! The NEW STORY!

Spend 5-10 minutes with this brushing ritual, once you're done, collect the hair that has been released in the brush. If you have the ability to go outside and offer it to the Earth, please do so. If you are in a city and unable to access nature, keep the hair in a bag or somewhere safe, to bring with you the next time you will be in nature you can release it.

Once you release this energy and this hair and offer it to the Earth, you're now making a conscious offering to release the trauma and release the story and really start to birth new transformation.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio, Many Blessings to you all!



This month's New Moon falls on October 8th in the airy sign of Libra.

Coinciding with the first days of fall, this New Moon is one that will feel like a fresh, new beginning for all of us... Insert deep long breath here.

The energy of Libra highlights the need for balance in our relationships- with ourselves and with others. Libra is ruled by Venus: the planet of love, beauty and feminine energy. It encourages us all to look inward and ask ourselves- What needs nurturing and loving care? In these modern times, it is so easy to get caught up in our technology and the excitement of go-go-go. But have you taken the time to really connect with your feminine nature? Venus is asking us to soften and open ourselves more- the easiest way to nurture the feminine is through creating self nurturing rituals for ourselves.

In this month's Ritual Series, I share the importance of balancing ourselves through balancing our Crown- or Crown Chakra- which is located at the top of the head. We can deepen our connection to ourselves as well as deepen our connection to the world around us by balancing our Crown. Much like the Libra energy we are moving into, our crown chakras are responsible for creating beauty, radiance, and that inner glow we all strive for (Hello feminine!)

One of my favorite ways to balance the Crown is with a healing hair ritual- which is what this months Ritual is all about!

Other powerful ways to heal the crown chakra are:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Sitting in the sunlight, allowing the sun to warm the top of your head.

  • Essential Oil's which soothe and stimulate an imbalanced crown chakra

I will share with you a few simple steps for creating your own healing hair ritual.

This is something you can do solo, with a partner, or even with a group of close friends or family!


A powerful way to connect and recenter ourselves is through creating self-care rituals. Rituals are considered solemn ceremonies consisting of a series of actions imbued with intention. Something as simple as hair-care can become a sacred “ritual” if you create the space for self-healing.

Here are some tips on creating your own “hairemony” aka sacred ceremony for your hair!

Step 1: Set an intention for your Hair Ritual

This can be as simple as focusing on growth, or scalp healing, moisture or shine. To get more intentional, try creating a Hairemony in line with the Moon phases.

NEW MOONS- a powerful moon phase to plant seeds of intention. It is a window of time to manifest. Maybe longer hair? Quicker growing? Or something unrelated to hair, like love or abundance!

FULL MOONS- this moon phase focuses on what it is we would like to shed, or let go of what no longer supports our highest selves. It is a great time for hair thickening and strengthening.

Step 2: Clear your aura and the space around you

Using a traditional smudging ritual, choose a plant or herb that resonates with you most, like white sage, palo santo, or sweetgrass.

AURA CLEANSING: Use the smoke from the herb to scan the body, purifying and cleansing, bringing peace, clarity and healing.

SPACE CLEARING: Use the smoke from the herb to scan and clear a space from unwanted, negative energy.

Step 3: Choose oil best for your hair

Choose oil for your specific hair type/needs

MOISTURE- Coconut, Avocado

NOURISH- Jojoba, Olive Oil

REPAIR AND HEAL- Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil

Step 4: Massage deeply into scalp and pull through ends

Oils will nourish the hair and scalp. They can be used on wet or dry hair. Using a little at a time, massage oil onto the scalp. Massaging stimulates the hair follicle, aiding in hair growth and healing the scalp. Pull the oil through the ends of the hair until they are lightly coated. It is recommended to leave oil in the hair for max amount of time for its healing abilities. One hour, or over night is perfect.

Step 5: Shampoo and Condition

Follow with shampoo to cleanse and clarify the hair and the aura. Then use conditioner to add extra moisture and shine. This will seal the cuticle, protecting the hair and crown.

For this Months New Moon in Libra, all members who place an order within the next 30 days will receive a FREE 2oz Treatment- Enter LibraLove at checkout!

Happy Hair Healing!