The La Tierra Sagrada Ritual Series


Hello, my name is Stefani Padilla and I am the creator and founder of La Tierra Sagrada. After many years of hair obsession, I have learned it is the simple hair ritual which is repeated consistently over time that will deliver the most powerful transformation to our scalp and hair.  Our natural world moves in a rhythmic cycle and all living organisms on this earth respond in kind. My hair and scalp rituals follow the seasons and cycles of the moon and every month, I will share with you new wisdom I have gathered over time and experience to help you achieve your healthiest, natural hair.

The goal of this program is to help you better understand the nature of your scalp and hair by providing you with information and resources to achieve a symbiotic balance for this complex and elegant ecosystem.  

The content of this information will vary but you may expect to learn;

  • How your hair responds to seasonal and lunar hair care cycles

  • How to balance the crown chakra, your direct connection to your higher self

  • Hair is an ever-growing tissue and how it can be affected by your overall, physical well being

  • Bad habits that abuse and deplete your hair of its vitality over time

  • How to tend to your scalp, the bedrock for your living hair follicles

  • DIY products you can create at home for healthy hair and skin

  • The common chemicals and toxic ingredients to avoid in your beauty products

  • Sacred rituals for enhancing your self-care routines



Intentional Hair Consultations-helping to redefine your relationship with your hair.

Private Sessions - Hair Cut and Styling

Workshops - “Hairemony” or sacred hair rituals.

In-Store Events - Teaching, education, and more.