The La Tierra Sagrada ONE TIME RITUAL


NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN- Adaptogens for Balance and Hair Health

Welcome to the New Moon in Capricorn!

This is the 1st New Moon of the fresh new year. What a beautiful way to start a new!

Capricorn is asking us to ground the energy from the expansiveness of Sagittarius, wrapping up a year and letting go of the past, moving into the deep rooting energy of Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign representing stability and -BALANCE-

With the start of the year, this new energy is encouraging us to root our intentions and desires into reality. Have you created your list of goals for the year? Have you let go of all that was necessary in order to create the space for newness? If not, this window in time is allowing you the space to do so.

Scorpio was about letting go, Sagittarius was about envisioning, manifesting and aiming our intentions, Capricorn is the time for conscious, responsible action to root those intentions for the year ahead. With the earthly grounding energy, along with Capricorns ambition and motivation, there's nothing that we cannot accomplish this month!

With Capricorns discipline in creating new routines and habits, we have the ability this month to lay the groundwork all this year is offering..

In the yogic sciences, there is a saying-“Your habits define you.”

Through my practice in Kundalini Meditation, there is a quote I always connect to about habits-

“Remember, a habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some of them serve our highest destiny. Some of them do not. By doing a special sadhana, you can rewire that chain reaction. You can develop new, deeply ingrained habits that serve your highest good.” In Kundalini a sadhana is a new practice over an extended period of time. This month, we have the opportunity to create our very own “sadhana” or practice, that can bring BALANCE and stability into our lives.

Transformation comes from practice- it is not about instant gratification- it is about the lasting effects.


This month we will focus on a Ritual for rooting our intentions into the Earth through the use of Adaptogens!Adaptogens are the greatest ally for BALANCE. They are also great stress managers. For those of us who suffer hair loss during heightened stressful times due to thyroid imbalance, heightened cortisol and overrun adrenals, Adaptogens are here to save the day! Adaptogens, like hair rituals, are best when used consistently for the absolute best results and quickest benefits.

Some of my favorite adaptogens for hair health are:

Ashwagandha: A super tonic for the hair. It helps your body adapt and deal with stress, balances hormones and helps reduce cortisol levels which all help encourage healthy hair growth. It also balances out the thyroid, which can help the health of hair. When used in natural hair products, like hair oils or and shampoos, it increases scalp circulation, helps with dandruff and greasy hair, which all leads to healthy hair growth. Ashwagandha also stimulates the production of melanin in the hair, which is the pigment of our hairs natural color.

Rhodiola: This tonic helps to reduce various stress induced chemicals in the body and helps with fatigue. In cases of stress-induced hair loss, Rhodiola can help balance what is happening internally, to prevent continual hair shedding.

He Shou Wu: This Chinese plant medicine is known as the herb of intuition and longevity and also the “rejuvenation tonic”. It is high in zinc, which has beneficial effects for hair growth. It helps balance out the endocrine system, which helps hormone function in the body, for those who experience hair loss due to hormonal imbalances.  

Mucuna Pruriens: An Ayurvedic legume that has the ability to reverse gray hair by improved dopamine levels. It is also an immunity booster, reducing stress in the body. Those who suffer hair loss due to autoimmune disorders can take this magical herb to prevent hair loss.

I add He Shou Wu and Mucuna Pruriens the the La Tierra Sagrada Dry Shampoo due to its powerful hair healing abilities. I believe, as all natural products should be, whatever we ingest internally, we should be able to use topically as well. And vice versa. By putting the tonics in the product, the herbs are being applied directly to the scalp- which is technically the skin- the largest organ of the human body- which can absorb the potency just as well! If you take this herb internally as well as using it topically, on a consistent basis, you will most definitely reap the benefits.

So this month, I wanted to share a DIY adaptogen hair mask with you all.

It can be any of the above adaptogens, or a combination of 2 or all if you have!

Adaptogen Hair Mask

1. Take equal quantities of each herb. I use a tablespoon of each.

2. Add oil of your choice, warm water or warm milk (true ayurveda style)

3. Mix together well to make into a paste.

4. Massage the paste gently into the into the scalp.

5. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, shampoo the scalp and hair and condition the mid shaft and ends of the hair.

Happy Hair Healing!