The La Tierra Sagrada ONE TIME RITUAL



For the month of September, I am sharing some simple, DIY Rituals (with a little guidance from me) to help you supercharge your life with the new energy of Virgo!

The grounding energy of Virgo is the calm we need after the Leo's storm of activity. I'm sure we have all experienced some massive transformation over these past few months, thanks in no small part to the many retrograde planets, eclipses and auspicious planetary alignments. This month, though, I want to encourage you to ground down the energy we have all gained and integrate it in order to heal. Virgo is an Earth sign- one that is rooted and balanced. It councils us to take precise steps, calculated towards a certain goal. This is a great window in time to be intentional with exactly what you are manifesting right now.

Virgo is the month of cleansing, resetting and connecting deeper to our higher self, mainly because this is a sign that takes health and self-improvement to the next level.

One of the easiest ways to connect to our higher self is through meditation practice and any work we do on our Crowns.

Crown work is all about that connection to our higher self. It is our gateway to accessing inner beauty, radiance and “inner glow”. I will discuss this even deeper in next month’s Libra Video...

September also marks a shift in season. We are transitioning from summer into fall, and it is a perfect moment to give our bodies a break, cleanse both internally, and allow ourselves to shift into the new season ahead.

This is a great time to create new routines and habits, which is why I discuss the importance of consistency in these scalp and hair care rituals. With consistency and repetition, these simple acts can become habits centered around nurturing ourselves. Transformation comes from practice.  It is not about instant gratification; it is about the lasting effects.

In the yogic sciences, there is a saying- “Your habits define you.”

Whether or not we have Virgo in our chart, we are all living on Earth and are directly affected by the cycles of the moon. On each new moon, we have a new energy to work with and through.

As always, I want to really encourage you to set an intention before dropping into the Rituals. New Moons are a fresh, new opportunity for you to call in whatever you're manifesting for this specific moon phase.

Be Intentional!


**Pre-Wash** Scalp Scrub and Hair Treatment

  • ·  Cleanse your aura and the space around you with your favorite space clearing smudge.
  • ·  Prepare your Salt Scrub:

2 tablespoons of Salt

Salt is mineralizing and improves your scalp’s circulation. It relieves dryness, itchiness, and imbalances due to seasonal shifts. Salt is purifying, and it adds volume to the roots of the hair by absorbing excess oil and buildup.

*Use any household Sea Salt*

½ of 1 Lemon

Lemons are packed with vitamin C which cleanses the scalp while removing buildup and excess oil.

2 tablespoons of Oil

Oil helps soothe, nourish and hydrates the skin on the scalp.

*Use oil of choice-whatever is best for your hair type and texture*

  • ·  Prepare a Hair Treatment with coconut oil, or oil of your choice. Oils seal the cuticle of the hair with moisture and hydration, adding shine and luster back into the hair.

Moisturizing oils: coconut oil, avocado oil

Nourishing oils: jojoba oil, olive oil

Repairing oils: meadowfoam seed oil, black cumin seed oil. Using ¼ cup of oil, massage the oil into the scalp and pull it through the hair all the way to the ends. I suggest keeping the oil treatment in for a minimum of 1 hour, but overnight is best for maximum hydration. Shampoo as many times as you need (2-3 to remove all oil) concentrating on the scalp, then follow through with conditioner. The oils help to seal in moisture and keeps hair smooth and shiny.