The La Tierra Sagrada Rituals

NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS- Rituals for Self Love

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius!

Aquarius is known as the awakener; the water bearer pours out information and understanding to humanity. After the shift from Capricorn into Aquarius, more energy becomes available for us to harness and use to bring our meaningful creations into the world! This Aquarian energy is reminding us to connect to the Self, to break old thought forms and to cultivate a new, enlightened, and clear way of Seeing and Feeling in the world.

Even though Aquarius is the water bearer, we are working with an Air element this month. It taps us into the collective higher level of consciousness, the level of consciousness which opens us up to the understanding that Love rules all.

So, one of the ways we can connect to and access this Aquarian energy is to practice rituals of Self Love.

In order to anoint the world, Aquarians must take time to rejuvenate themselves. This month we are going to do just that!

This month’s theme is “Healer Heal Thyself.”

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius my friends! This new paradigm is our reality!

With the approach of Valentines Day, February tends to be centered around romantic Love. I want us to shift that Love inward.

The moon is reminding us how much we have to share and to offer the world. We may even take on trying to save the world! First, however, we have to start Loving our Selves with care and nurturing before we can spread Love outward into the world.

How do you love yourself? How do you create space for your own healing?

While working as a hairstylist, I experienced deep illness stemming directly from my “go-go-go” mentality and, honestly, it is what brought me to creating my hair care line. Now it is my job to share it and spread it out as far as I possibly can, not only for hair healing, but as a way for people to truly trust in their own divine wisdom in regards to self care.

My story of Hair Loss and Auto Immune and how Self Love Rituals were a HUGE part of my healing journey...

La Tierra Sagrada, which translates to The Sacred Earth, came into being after I had battled a series of autoimmune disorders culminating in a debilitating episode of chronic rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 28. After following a strictly holistic approach to medicine, I was prescribed a number of heavy medications to help me to walk again without pain. These medications wreaked havoc on my immune system and caused intense side effects, including hair loss—which proved especially daunting, given my line of work.

Upon my journey back to good health, La Tierra Sagrada was born.

My purpose in creating the products was to heal myself, and then to share the healing with anyone else who was suffering from hair loss due to disease, medication, or stress. To heal my hair I had to slow down. I had to love my hair, and to show it that Love though intentional care and ritual using nurturing plant-based medicine.

Starting from there, La Tierra Sagrada was founded as a line of holistic hair care products made with high integrity plant-based ingredients intended to bring us back to the sacred healing rituals of our hair. Every ingredient is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins, and is grown and harvested with the utmost care and preparation so as not to disturb any ecosystems.

Each product serves a distinctive purpose, yet all work together for a unified goal: to connect us with our Selves by enriching and restoring the hair to its optimal, and natural, state.

Today, many brands establish themselves as ‘self care’—but what does that really mean?

La Tierra Sagrada products focus on the importance of creating intentional ritual around hair care. Essentially, this means taking time out from our busy schedules and the daily noise around us to create a dedicated space to care for both our hair and our wellbeing. With this in mind, every product in the line is designed with an intentional Hairemony, a ceremony around our hair and self.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves by transforming our relationship with our hair.




2 tablespoons of oil of choice

I use coconut oil as it has the most nutrients for the hair and scalp, but you can use what is best for you and your hair type.

2 drops of each essential oil you choose to use

I love Rosemary and Palo Santo and use it my products

Mix thoroughly

Massage deeply into scalp

Leave in

Then Shampoo and Condition out.




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