For the month of July,  I am sharing a ritual and guidance to help you supercharge your life with the energy of Cancer in this New Moon.

In a world where “being the Light” is considered the new “cool”, we often neglect our other important half, the darkness. It is in all of us, even the lightest of beings, as a reminder that we are human and we all have a shadow.

So why do we often choose to neglect those parts that tend to be “darker”?

Are you aware that the darker versions of Self are necessary in order to help us seek and reveal the Light within? Our Shadow side is the one we tend to hide from the world and choose not reveal, confront or face.

In astrology, it is our “moon”- the inner self- which we tend to hide. Our Moon is a reflection of the ebb and flow of our emotions. We spend so much of our time living our fast paced lives in our external world, yet we do not understand the importance of slowing down and taking the time to go within to experience our true self.

The true work of the Shaman is to stand in the depths of the unknown and face our darkest shadow instead of masking it with our new found trend of “the Light”. The energy of Cancer assists us in facing our fears and digging deep into the core of our inner work.

Whether or not you are an astrological devotee, there are endless reasons why cutting your hair in accordance with the phases of the moon can influence the health of your mane! What is it that you are manifesting at this particular point in time?

  • Syncing up with the moon connects us to the natural rhythm and flow of the universe. Cutting our hair is a powerful way to manifest and harvest fresh, new ideas. Similar to the planting time, the new moon is a powerful time to plant new seeds of intention.

  • Cutting our hair during the new moon aids in hair growth, strength, thickening and overall health.

  • The Moon helps to reveal the multiples sides of our psyches that we all try to hide (Hello Shadow). As an example, those born under the sign of Cancer tend to wear masks to hide from the fear of rejection or fear of being emotionally wounded.

  • What masks do you wear that could be keeping you limited from making your manifestations your reality?

  • What would it feel like to allow yourself to be fully revealed, both dark and light?

  • What would it feel like to be open and free from self limiting thought patterns that are not actually real?

The primary intention for cutting your hair during a New Moon Rituals is to remind you to plant new seeds for the future (A NEW YOU). 


For the July New Moon Ritual, I encourage you to get a Haircut!  It doesn't have to be a full on cut, but I do encourage at least a trim.  I understand the resistance- I have several clients who cherish their long locks and want to grow their hair as long as possible, however, I recommend a minimal trim to keep the ends healthy and to prevent splitting. 

At the end of the cut, collect the trimmings from the floor and package them to go home with you.  If not all of the trimmings, at least a few pieces.  Yes, this may seem a bit strange, but tell your stylist you are collecting for a New Moon ritual.  Hopefully, they will understand or at least, become intrigued ; )

If you do not need a haircut or trim or are unable to do either at this moment in time, try to collect a tiny piece of your own hair by pulling a strand of hair from the back or nape of the neck, then cut away a tiny part of the end of the strand of hair and save for the ceremony. In all cases; a cut, trim or piece of hair, you will make this an offering to the Earth.

Bury your hair offering along with your Cancer New Moon Manifestations and as you do this ceremony, remember you are planting the seeds of intention for the new part of you that is waiting to emerge to the surface!


For Annual Ritual Members, I am offering a special Member Rate for an Intentional Hair Cut during this New Moon Phase.  I work out of Los Angeles and Portland, OR, please contact me to set up an appointment: