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Healing through sacred plants

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“When we love our neighbor as ourselves, and we show respect & awe for the trees, flowers, and herbs that populate our planet, we unite as one divine Light, to heal and bless all the world. This spectacular unification & arousal of blessings occurs now”- Zohar

It's always been important to me to have the opportunity to give back, which is one of the reasons I started La Tierra Sagrada. When you purchase a product from my line, I make it easy for you to give back too!  That's why 5% of your purchase goes to Trees Water People, a non-profit that plants trees around the world. Helping people help the Planet. 

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Holistic Hair

La Tierra Sagrada is a holistic hair care line comprised of all-natural, hand-blended ingredients and derived from a quest to heal through sacred plant medicines. The line is heavily centered around community consciousness, the idea of ritual and the sharing of experience and knowledge with others. 


All-natural hair products


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Salt Spray
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"I'm so beyond the moon and amongst the stars about the products. Using them last night was so deeply healing for me. The scents are so transformative + really allowed me to drop into the still space within my being that I was unable to locate for a while. In such deep gratitude for you. "

— Almila